Thursday, 5 January 2012

Let The Music Play

“There’s a song that you can find
In every moment of your life
In every tear you’ve ever cried
In every painful last goodbye”
Let The Music Play – Good Charlotte
Music. It could be one of the most important things in our life. You see, I believe music speaks to everyone. Music loves, cares, and understands. Music is always there. Music is free to interpretation and free to any emotion.  Music never talks back.
I like to believe there is a song for every occasion. When I went to Christmas in the Park, I sat there with two friends and listened to a night’s worth of celebratory music. I loved the carols for Christmas, and I loved music from Michael Murphy, Jackie Clarke and Frankie Stevens for entertainment. At the end of the night, I loved the rendition of Katy Perry’s Firework as fireworks light up the night sky in celebration of Christmas. The night was a night of music.
My iTunes is a fruit salad. With more than twelve hundred songs, and more songs being added all the time, there is a bit of everything for every mood. There’s my Foo Fighters for when I want to rock out, Simple Plan when I’m feeling nostalgic about my pre-teen years, Adam Lambert for when I’m feeling a bit hip. There’s Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, Guns n Roses and The Beatles, Westlife and Keane. There’s music from The Lion King and Rocky Horror Picture Show. There’s even the sly Backstreet Boys song.
I listen to it all. Not all the time; I may go months without listening to a certain artist, then all of a sudden, I crave them. The other day, I wanted nothing more than some Jack Johnson to chill to while heading to work. Unfortunately, Jack had managed to escape from my iPod and set me in a bad mood for the day. It was a mistake I certainly learned from.
When thinking about the New Year, I decided to be one of those people who finally get around to getting a meaningful blog going. Rather than boring the internet with the ins and outs of my day, I thought I’d take something which is a large part of nearly everyone’s life. My aim is take a song, and find out why it makes me tick. Then I want to share it with you, because music may be personal, but music is also something to be shared.
Let the music play.

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  1. Go Renee! I believe there's a song about everything and often break out into song at every available opportunity. We had to hide our Rocky Horror DVD when C was four. It didn't go down too well when she went to daycare singing, "Toucha toucha touch meeeeee...". Long may your blog continue. Mine was meant to be daily...then it became weekly...then...awww gee, it's just whenever the heck I feel like it now ;-)