Friday, 29 March 2013

My House

“I’m gonna take you back to my house
I love the feeling when you touch me baby
It’s not as good when I’m by myself
You know you make me go woohoo oo oo oo

My House – Kids of 88

When you were younger did you ever split your vegetables into three different categories? There were the ones you loved, the ones you hated, and the ones you were indifferent to. Nowadays, you still love the ones you loved (mmmm carrots) and probably hate the same ones ( I’m looking at you capsicum), but the indifferent ones have again been divided into two categories. There’s the one’s you are still indifferent to (spinach), and that one vegetable you have recently rediscovered and realised tastes amazing and you’re all like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE (PARSNIPS)!?

The point of this blog was not to get you to like parsnips or complain about vegetables, but rather make you think about that feeling of complete joy when you discover just how good something is when you dive a little further into it. This is the feeling I got a few weeks ago when I heard Kids of 88 live for the first time. This duo has been spinning tracks for quite a few years now, but they’ve somehow slipped under the radar of my musical listening. I knew who they are and I knew some of their music, I have a couple of tracks on my iPod, and I even threw a few into playlists on the student radio last year, but I had never taken the plunge into full on fandom.

Until now. Until I agreed to go to see them at Homegrown a month ago. I remember walking into the Pop Tent at 8:30pm after seven hours of dancing to Luger Boa, Clap Clap Riot, Villainy, Aaradhna and Elemeno P. The crowd were getting tired; they were getting pushy and snapping at strangers and the air, though excited, was a bit tense. This was, however, all forgotten from the first moment the stage lights came up and the duo (well, quadruple) kicked into Downtown. I’ve said it in so many blogs but it is so prominent; nothing is better than that moment you see a band live and you forget everything except for the people on stage and the music they are making. Kids of 88 sucked me into their world for the whole hour and made me dance and sing like no one was watching. I couldn’t believe these guys hadn’t been part of my music listening before.

Now, their music is in my iTunes library and gets blasted out of the car stereo constantly with sing-alongs. My friend and I are scouring the internet looking for their next gig because we can’t get enough of them – we’ve already seen them open for fun. since Homegrown. So, thank you Kids of 88 for your music and your amazing shows and making NZ music fantastic. You are welcome at my house any time. Perhaps for some parsnips?

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