Wednesday, 18 September 2013


“And all I've ever wanted was for your damn arms
To wrap themselves around me and say

Hey, girl you're the prettiest thing my eyes have ever seen
Come and lay your bones down with me
Come and lay your bones down with me”

Bones – Ginny Blackmore

Last week Ginny Blackmore tweeted “Bones def might be a SMIDGE needy. And place heaps of value on ur man fainting at the sight of ur beauty. But seriously, please faint”. Despite the high radio play and many YouTube views this song has had a fair bit of criticism from reviewers. Blogs and articles call it cringy, charmless and lacking self-respect. I get why these kind of responses are coming out – in a nutshell, women shouldn’t place so much value on a man thinking she is beautiful, because that is not what a 21st century female should be wanting. This kind of thinking is feminism, and feminism drives me quite mad.

Before I go any further let me make a disclaimer: the rest of this blog is all my thoughts. I’m not going to reference anything as that would be a long and complicated process which I cannot be bothered going through. But hear me out: I am all for gender equality. I think men and women should be offered the same working opportunities at equal pay rates. But not because of different body parts, but rather as human beings neither gender should be more or less capable then the other.

It is the hatred against the focus on physical looks which feminists have which annoys me. In this day and age women are expected to put brains and career ambition first, and focus less on which men think of us. We are meant to get outraged at videos which show females as sexual objects and be against apps such as Tinder which base females simply on who is hot.

But what is a better feeling - being outraged or the feeling of a male saying you look beautiful? Ladies reading this take a minute and think about this: how often do you dress up and make yourself pretty? Do you or do you not, want a man to look at you’re and think you are beautiful and take you home and, quite frankly, have sex with you?  You probably do, because that is normal. I have put on my cute outfit, done my hair and make-up, and gone out to have a good time. And a guy decided I was the one he wanted to take home, and I felt a little bit of pride that I was the he took home.

We women are made out of so many amazing parts; we can be strong, smart and sexy, and I think it is okay to show each part of us. We should be proud of showing off our looks and the time it takes to create them. Ginny Blackmore got it right: it would be nice if men got light headed over the sight of our beauty, but not because we are shallow and needy, but rather because we are proud and self-confident. 

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