Wednesday, 6 November 2013

End of Time

“We can dance until the end of time
We can party til we die
When the world is falling down on us
Let’s pretend that we can fly”

End of Time – The Make Believe

When it comes to writing these blogs I try to think of a common theme or idea of the song or make a point of what the artist does. I have wanted to write another blog about The Make Believe for a while now, as I haven’t since I did a wrap up of the year a Static FM. It was difficult to think of a theme for any of their songs, as inspiration refused to strike. I could have talked about acoustic covers but there’s not much to say about them, apart that they are really good. Or I could have mused about having two lead vocalists, but that technique has been used since 1960’s and really isn’t anything new. I was stuck until very recently when I realised exactly why I wanted to talk about the band. 

I want The Make Believe to succeed.
I feel like I have many different relationships with artists and with their music. Often I just want to use an artist’s music for my own entertainment, other times emotional comfort or companionship. It’s like they have put out this product where I care less for the manufacturer and more what the product can do for me. And don’t get me wrong – I have love and respect for literally hundreds of music artists. But it is their music, rather than them, which I associate most with. I pull out their tracks when I want to listen, and when I’m done they are thrown back into the endless pit of songs.  

There are a few artists who I care about beyond simply wanting to be use their songs, and this is how I feel about The Make Believe. I love and respect their music, and have many times used it how I’ve needed to. And while they are talented and determined I doubt they are striving any more than every other band who ever released music. I really cannot pinpoint exactly what makes them stand out amongst other talented artists, and in particular New Zealand artists to which I am partial, but to me they are special. It probably seems dysfunctional, as I do not have the same support for similar bands, but in the music world I want to see The Make Believe at the top. I doubt I am alone with my thoughts – there are probably artists who you would love to succeed, or have enjoyed watching on the road to success.

And to me, this a key part of a music journey: the irrational need to throw support behind particular artists who you have never met because in some weird way they connect with you, and that connection is one of the best feelings you have. 

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