Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Don't Say Goodnight

“Come on don't say goodnight
With the stars in the sky
Let's wait 'til tomorrow paints the sun across the night
I see love in your eyes
And if you see it in mine
Let's wait 'til tomorrow
Don't say good, say good
Please don't say goodnight”

Don’t Say Goodnight – Hot Chelle Rae

It has been a while since I have obsessively latched onto a song and constantly have it on repeat. While every week or two I come across a new song it usually passes through without being played more than a couple times a day. But every now and again I become attached to song, and lately I have been fixated with Don’t Say Goodnight to the point it gets played about ten times a day.

Generally any attachment I have to song comes from a place of confirmation about a thought I’ve been having. Not long before Don’t Say Goodnight came out I had been thinking exactly about the topic of the song – that is, having a very fun night with someone, but it only being for one night. I write this not to encourage or negate one night stands, but rather reflect back on my own times when I spent just the one night with someone. I openly admit it has happened and I have no regrets about my night life, but I don’t think the fact that it has happened is why I became so attached to Don’t Say Goodnight.

I feel this song talks to me about not only being together for one night, but that one night is the only time you get to be together. You could lament on the fact you will not be together afterwards for whatever reason, or you could just go for it and not go your separate ways until the morning. One night my life went a lot like this song: it was the weekend and we were out blowing some cash when I found out someone was leaving the country the next week. We got drunk and we partied then we went home and forgot tomorrow was coming when we had to say not just goodnight, but goodbye.

I miss that guy a lot, but I think I would miss him so much more if we hadn’t connected that night. I would regret not taking the only chance I had with this person. And like most things I do I made sure I came out with a lesson I can use in my everyday life. Sometimes life will only hand you a small piece of something. You might want a lot more but that one tiny bit is all you are ever going to get. And most of the time it is better to take the small bit and run with for as long as you can, than reject something just because you wanted something whole thing.

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