Thursday, 16 February 2012

Asteroids and Satellites

“Start up, countdown,
Blast off, leave ground
We’re all spaced out on the stars
Like asteroids and satellites
We’re burning up
We’re burning bright”

Asteroids and Satellites – Luger Boa

I’m slightly embarrassed to tell this story, but I will risk looking like a fool to prove a point.

Last year one of my very good friends scored us SECOND ROW SEATS to MEATLOAF! I was so excited to see the legend himself, I proceeded to spend the weeks prior to the show listening to his music. When we got to the concert, we literally ran to our seats. Then we realised we had to sit through the opening act. From personal experience, opening acts are pretty dire. They are meant to get the crowd going before the main act, but only seem to make people frustrated and annoyed, and constantly checking their watches to see how long until they are over. Once, I went as far as walking out during an opening act. So you can see why my friend and I would be a bit sceptical of how good Luger Boa would be. We would of course give them a chance, but secretly hoped they would be over quickly so we could see Mr Bat Out Of Hell himself. Finally, a group of assorted guys came on stage and started to play.

One song into their performance, I was hooked. Half-way through, my friend and I were trying to sing along, forgetting we didn’t know the songs. When lead singer, Jimmy Christmas, announced the band was from Auckland, the bit of Kiwi pride in me flared and all I wanted to do was claim them as our own. When they said who they were, we have a huge cheer (and maybe an extra loud one for the nearly shirtless drummer).  After the show, I went out and bought both their CD’s and now wait with eager anticipation for their next live show. Luger Boa? Best opening act to date.

Sometimes, I doubt whether I would have been as into Boa if I hadn’t heard them live. I probably would have passed them off as some generic rock band. But they performed with such passion and enthusiasm, there was no other thing to do but fall in love with their music. I chose Asteroids and Satellites this week because, although I love all their songs, I feel this one can describe the feeling live music gives us. Live performances take music to another level. When you’re in that zone, watching music live, it is entrancing. The bass is ridiculously loud, the drum and guitar solos are a once in a lifetime experience, and the crowd unites as everyone screams along to the songs. The ringing in your ears continues for hours and your voice is hoarse but you can’t stop buzzing about the gig. I’ve raved on for the past few weeks about how listening to music can help us, can heal us and can take us somewhere else when we need to, and I feel live music is just as important. Hearing your favourite songs live gives them much more meaning, more power, and confirms why you love that band. I believe spending the money to see bands live is one of the best money investments in the world.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, yes, Meatloaf was amazing live. Those who didn’t go, shame on you! He’s never coming back to New Zealand, you know. You probably should have gone to see him live.

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