Thursday, 2 February 2012


“I wanna love you,
But something’s pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue,
Judas is the demon I cling to”
Judas – Lady Gaga
When this song was first released, it caused major controversy with religious groups who took offense to the lyrics. Personally, I do not agree with these claims. I see this song as more of a metaphor for not being able to let go of something you had a strong emotional attachment to.
On the simplest level, I take this song to be about Lady Gaga not being able to let go of a bad boy. Nearly every girly gossip magazine has written articles about this. Bad boys are attractive because they are mysterious and moody. They are always good looking. They live life on the edge and can take you for a thrilling ride. Mostly, they are the kind of boys parents hate. It starts off as fun and games, but then the girl can fall in love. It gets too much for the bad boy, who never wanted to be tied down, and he ends things. The girl gets a broken heart. 
It is never easy letting our past go. There is always a small emotional attachment that clings to us, and, when we finally think it has gone away, it resurfaces to remind us why we loved so much. Throughout the song, Gaga talks about how she tries to let her Judas go and move forward, but admits, fool as she is, she just cannot cut that final string. It’s not just about some bad boy we were once in a relationship with. It can happen with our friends, family, work, hobbies or something else which broke the heart. When we walk away from them, it takes longer for our emotions to walk away.
So how do we move forward? I’ve read time heals everything, making yourself busy takes away the pain, finding something new makes you forget, remembering your virtues helps you move forward. In Judas, Gaga tells her story, leaves us with no illusion about what she went through, but mostly she lets us know we are not going through anything alone. So, if there is one thing I can advise you to use to try moving forward, and the one thing I recommend turning to when all else fails, it is music. When you lie in bed at night, alone in the dark, it’s not so easy to stop thinking. But it is easy to pop in your iPod and take yourself away to a place where you can heal yourself.

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