Thursday, 23 August 2012


“Blue his house
With a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him
And his self
And everybody around
'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen...

I'm blue, da ba de, da ba die ..."

Blue – Eiffel 65

What the fuck are the lyrics to this song?

After 30 odd blogs, I thought it was time to get my critical face on and give you something which I don’t quite agree with. As much as music is challenging and thought provoking and tells stories and brings out emotions, I don’t think there is much point to it if you can’t understand it.

According to trusty Google, the lyrics are da ba de / da ba die / da ba de / da ba die. What does this even mean? And, the further problem I have with this song is for a long time no one really believed these were the lyrics, so versions such as I’m blue / If that was me I would die / I’m in need of a guy / If I was green I would die / I’m gonna beat up a guy / I’m gonna eat up that pie fulfilled my childhood and made me so much more confused.

Apparently this song is about being depressed; that is, feeling blue and lonely all the time. I suppose it can be taken from the angle that no one understands how this guy is feeling (being that depression in itself is hard to understand) so Eiffel 65 came out with a whole lot of garbled words as symbolism. But I think this is a bit of a stretch of analysis into a pop song.

To be fair, and give some credit to Eiffel 65, Blue probably wasn’t designed to be the most symbolic and thought provoking songs. Eiffel 65 were more about experimenting with auto tune and pitch correction, as seen in Blue. And so, I have to admit to myself that not every artist is out to change the world with their lyrics. So maybe it is a bit harsh to call Blue pointless; and instead we should be congratulating Blue on their pioneering auto tune sound which has “helped” many pop artists along the way.  

Unless ... is the point of Blue not to make sense and confuse every listener and this is why it was such a hit because it is always a talking point over what the lyrics are? Tricky, Eiffel 65; you are tricky just like Alanis Morissette with her not so ironic Ironic song. 

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