Thursday, 6 September 2012

Feel Inside (and stuff like that)

“Children getting sicker,
Drinking too much bubble mixture, 
They all just wanna be bubbles, 
They all just wanna be bubbles.

There must be something we can do,
To stop these kids from doing spews.

Feel inside,
And stuff like that,
Open up the lids,
Helpa helpa helpa the kids”

Feel Inside (and stuff like that) – Flights of the Conchords and Friends
As with any charity events in which the aim is to raise money for those who need it and are unable to cover the means by themselves, a great charity song with a number of well known artists is needed. There are hundreds of charity songs for many different causes which raise both money and awareness – Stand Up To Cancer, Do They Know It’s Christmas etc.
When it came to Red Nose Day and Comedy for Cure Kids here in New Zealand, a comedy song inevitable. As much as I love a good charity awareness ballad, I don’t think society and the kids themselves needed to be reminded of the sad truth there are hundreds of sick kids in society. Rather, someone smart who was involved with Comedy for Cure Kids made a fantastic choice to continue with the comedy theme and Flight of the Conchords were called to provide the amusement. They could have come up with a funny song off the bat, but they got stuck in and took it a step further.
The Conchords duo – Bret and Jermaine – headed back to school to meet with children and they chatted about what kids thought being sick meant and how they should raise more money. It was your typically fantastic children answers. From the girl who ate bubble mixture because she wanted to turn into a bubble to the boy who said John Key was spending all of New Zealand’s money on furniture, not forgetting school kids were adamant sick children needed juice, pizza and plasma TVs to help make them better.
Bret and Jermaine took these answers and turned them into lyrics, and thus Feel Inside (and stuff like that), was born, and it’s hands down the best charity song I have ever heard. Flight of the Conchords then teamed up with some fantastic Kiwi musicians – Brooke Fraser, Kids of 88, Zowie, Hayley Westenra and Savage to name a few. The result was a song which was funny but still made the point clearly: kids were sick and money was needed. You can buy the song of iTunes if you haven’t already – in my opinion, it’s the best was to open the lid and helpa helpa helpa the kids.  

And here's the full length video including the children's answers 

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