Thursday, 31 January 2013

Leather and Tattoos

“Coz one day I know
when she's ready to go
she'll just jump on her bike and ride

There's something about you
your leather and tattoos
its making me weak inside.
your fishnets and nose-ring
is making my heart sing
and I get no sleep at night.”

­Leather and Tattoos – 48May

Upon my boredom today I started to count all the concerts I’ve ever been to in my life. It’s quite a fun little game, generally because I get halfway through and say to myself “no Renee, you’ve missed one, go back and start again”. But rather than bore you with my obvious insanity proved by talking to myself, I thought I would take a quick look back at the gigs and concerts I’ve been to before surging ahead into what is going to be a sweet year of live music.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time talking about concerts in this blog: how awesome Coldplay were, how Seether rocked and my pre-empted excitement for Taylor Swift, who, as expected, turned out to be amazing. And let’s not forget my Kiwi music gig obsession: seeing Shihad live and discovering opening acts such as Luger Boa and Clap Clap Riot. In between all this blogging I have ventured out into other amazing shows and every time the music and show amazes me, whether it be Lady Gaga’s amazing performance, scoring a free ticket to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or having a bit of fun at Hot Chelle Rae ... or trying not to look too suspicious at the Reece Mastin gig where everyone else was double my age taking their half my age children out for a Saturday night.

So what has this musing over gigs got to do with 48May? Well, team, here’s my confession: 48May were my first ever concert. I remember my mother buying me a lip gloss and saying I could wear it to the show, and me rolling my eyes because I thought no one wore lip gloss to a rock concert. I cringe now at calling 48May a rock concert, partly because of their undeniably pop music sound, and because by ‘concert’ I really mean in my old school’s hall with other people in my school year because some senior pupils had managed to convince the band to play for us for a measly ten dollars a ticket. But you know the old saying – you never, ever forget your first. Whether it has been bad, good, or completely out of this world since, the first concert always sticks with you. I guess it was that first thrill of hearing live music, particularly when it was from one of my favourite bands at the time, that kicked start my love of live gigs. And 2013 is going to continue the trend, with fun. coming soon and Homegrown likely to be one wicked Saturday.

Now you know what 48May did for me and why I can’t quite delete their music off my iPod. Before I sign off from this week’s music musing, however, there has been another thought cross my mind. I make the last blog of every month a Kiwi music one as I both love NZ Music and like to support it however I can. I love that Kiwi band 48May was my first concert and gave me the bug, and I love more how many Kiwi bands I’ve seen - including Luger Boa and Clap Clap Riot three or four times within the last year. It is so easy to find a gig on the weekend from our local talents and, if you’re anything like me, satisfy your live music cravings. 

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