Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shut Up and Kiss Me

“Cause I don't wanna waste tonight
Let's turn out all the lights now
Make out on your bedroom floor
No I don't wanna say good bye
Wishing for the spot light
Missing on your bedroom floor

So shut up and kiss me
No need to tease me
You don't need to say no more
Shut up and kiss me
I know you're gonna miss me
Kissing on your bedroom floor”

Shut Up and Kiss Me – Reece Mastin

This week Reece Mastin made a guest appearance on The X Factor New Zealand stage and sung one of his recent hits Rockstar. Those watching the show, judging by comments all over social media, were either in favour of or completely against this youngster’s performance. I’ve followed this guy from his first audition on the third season The X Factor Australia through to his win, blogged about him and been to his concerts. I sincerely believe in his place in the music industry and I’m using this opportunity to convince those who weren’t convinced by his performance why we need a Reece Mastin.

First point of success in the music industry: Reece has got the voice to succeed. His voice is a bit gravely, a bit British and a bit cute. It’s non-threatening but it still delivers the powerful notes his rock songs beg for. When you bring all these aspects together you get an album with some ballads, some slow songs, some pop and some rock. And, more importantly, I can assure you from my personal experience Reece Mastin brings this voice to his live shows. This is the sound of music industry success.

Reece has the looks and the personality of a music industry star – because you can’t just rely on a good voice. He’d an eighteen year old, rather attractive male which girls go wild for. But he’s also a bit bad ass with his tats and piercings and leather jackets. He somehow manages to be humble and have an ego through the roof at the same time. He loves and adores his fans as they are the ones who got him somewhere in the first place. But he’s cheeky and sexual and has some bad boy swag which makes him attractive. He’s got his public appearance personality perfected to that of a star.

And finally, Reece Mastin has The X Factor. If he didn’t he wouldn’t have won his series of the show. Because the “x factor” is not having the most beautiful voice and getting the perfect pitch and tone every single time. It’s that special something about a person which gives them star quality of which no one can quite define. It’s that thing which makes girls scream for you and guys wish they were you. But most of all, it’s that thing which makes people notice you and keep coming back for more.

The harsh truth of succeeding in the music industry is this: you have to fit within a certain boundary of uniqueness. No one else can be Reece Mastin, but Reece Mastin will succeed immensely at being Reece Mastin. And this is why we need him. 

For anyone doubting Reece Mastin's singing, here's his version of Aerosmith's Dream On from The X Factor Australia (when he was 16). 

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