Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Make you Mine vs Tommy and Krista

“Cause there's a thousand ways
and a thousand times
That I could try to say
I will make you mine
And if it's not today
I'm gonna keep on trying
I'm gonna get there I'm gonna get there
I'm gonna make you mine”

Make You Mine – Benny Tipene


 “Well Tommy never turned to aggression nor fear
Instead he started working in the New Year
But at night she'd invade his thoughts and his dreams
He can't keep his mind away from Krista it seems
And, so cold but funny enough
Krista and her boyfriend were broken up
But until they meet again and the time feels right
This is how it ends tonight
This is how it ends tonight”

Tommy and Krista – ThirstyMerc

I’ve had two very conflicting thoughts about a certain topic for a little while now. In an attempt to sort out my thoughts for the first time on this blog I’m going to put two songs head to head: two songs that describe but handle differently what is going through my head. If you’re one of my wonderful regular readers you may remember back to Don’t Say Goodnight which was about having one chance you have to take. But I’ve been thinking lately what if you don’t just get one chance with someone? What if you can’t be together but you think you should? I’ve come to realize you have two choices: you can either follow the words of Benny Tipene or ThirstyMerc.

Let’s start with Make You Mine. It seems most tempting to pursue someone. Although we go through our normal day to day lives I suspect most of us fantasize about a better, more exciting life. Most of the time that little fantasy includes a special someone, perhaps someone you only had a chance to get to know a little bit but made a lasting impression on you. And we only get one life so why not do everything you can to make someone your own? You could chase them down to tell the how you feel, you could drop every thing you have and do something completely irrational like follow them to the other end of your country or to the other side of the world. You could do all this just to be together, just to tell them they mean everything to you and start to live out your fantasies.

But what if it’s not your time to be together, like the story in Tommy and Krista. Most of my experience with this kind of thing is where the other person has moved away. I think that if someone travels to the other side of the world then they need to go, and they need to go alone. They are on a personal journey and it’s not my time to be in their lives. Instead maybe it’s better to leave things where you ended and go on with your own life and hope that one day your time works out and you get to be together. There’s a line in Tommy and Krista which has stood out to me from the first time I heard the song “until they meet again and the time feels right / this is how it ends tonight”. I think if something is meant to be then your life finds a way of bringing it to you, and I’ve talked to many people who agree that life has a way of working itself out.

I’ve always followed the idea in Tommy and Krista and let someone go because I don’t think it’s my right to stop them. But in some ways I’ve sacrificed my happiness to be selfless, and I’m kind of sick of it. Maybe it’s my time to start chasing and stop letting people go. I’m going throw this one out to you in the first ever blog war. Pick a song to side with. Share an opinion. Tell you stories about whether you decided to chase or decided to wait. And help me figure out what to do.

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