Sunday, 30 August 2015

Not Afraid To Die

“I’ll be the loaded gun
The only one that I will ever need
And when my time is done
The battle’s won
Will you remember me?
We’ll write it cross the sky
Won’t look back and say goodbye
This is a battle cry
I’m not afraid to die”

Not Afraid To Die – Written By Wolves

Bear with me here because I am about to say something I’ve said many times before. But this time I think I’m right - more right than I’ve ever been before.

People, the next big thing in New Zealand rock music has been found.

It started with my bestie Zee suggesting we go to a gig at the Kings Arms last week. It was a free gig and as Zee was trying Austere August and the Kings Arms is my favourite venue for gigs it was perfect for us. I hadn’t placed much expectation on the gig as it was one of the first for Written By Wolves. And the lead singer was Michael Murphy. Yes, that Michael Murphy. Michael Murphy of the hit TV show NZ Idol. Michael Murphy who performs covers at Christmas in the Park every year. And now, Michael Murphy trying to bring himself back by forming and fronting Written By Wolves.

Well, forget your preconceptions about this man because Written By Wolves aren’t trying to make it, they’re going to make it. Never before have I seen a band that captivated me within seconds. I couldn’t tell it was their first major gig because this was a slick performance, from vocals to guitars to mixing to the all important on stage banter between songs. Written By Wolves are backed by many years experience in the music industry; Michael Murphy has been on the scene for more than ten years and the other three got starts in bands such as Shotgun Alley, False Start and Hurricane Kids. They know how to play, how to entertain, and how to write songs that will propel their name.

Watch this space. Written By Wolves will be the reinvention story of the year. These guys have taken everything they know about music, they’ve grown up from their past music industry selves and they are ready to deliver some killer tracks. I’ll see you at the next gig.

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