Thursday, 3 September 2015

When Love Hurts

"Help, I can't tell if we're ending
Until we break down, say it now, we're through
All you do

When love hurts, baby
Yeah, that's how you know it's real
When love hurts, yeah that's how it
Yeah that's how you know
When love hurts, baby
Yeah, that's how you know it's real
When love hurts, yeah that's how it
Yeah that's how you know it's real"

When Love Hurts - JoJo

This week's theme is comebacks. I blogged on Sunday about the return of Michael Murphy to the music scene, and now I want to draw your attention to a second major music comeback in the last couple of weeks. This girl was on top before Ariana Grande, before Lorde, even before Taylor Swift.

Everyone, JoJo is back.

Oh yes, you remember JoJo. That fourteen year old who topped the charts in 2004 with the smash hit Leave (Get Out). This was the teenage angst song which girls sung their hearts out to, because how could that guy be so stupid to leave his number on his phone. JoJo followed up with a second smash hit Too Little Too Late in 2006, where she brought them feels about another silly boy breaking her heart. Add in her acting chops in Aquamarine and R.V. and we've got a girl who ruled the mid 2000's.

Unfortunately, JoJo then got locked in a legal battle over her recording contract and disappeared off the music scene for a while. I was gutted for her, because I would have loved to hear her music as she grew out of her teenage years and into a young adult. I imagine she would have captured growing up perfectly in her own angsty way. But never fear, because JoJo is free from her recording contract and back with some sweet tunes.

She released a "tringle" which seems to be an EP of three singles. And if there is one person you can trust to make great music, it is JoJo. She uploaded her description of her three songs onto Spotify and what stood out to me was her comments about how being away from music nearly broke her. But she goes on to say how she knew it was something worth fighting for because she was incredibly passionate about it. I'd encourage you to jump onto Spotify and listen to her words and thoughts about recording this "tringle".

But let's be honest, three songs aren't enough to satisfy me. These Wikipedia rumours better be true in saying this is a preview of a third studio album, because JoJo has got ten years of music to give us. And I can't wait.

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