Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Ami N Rele

"I miss my dad
I miss my mum
I miss my brothers
I miss my everything
Ami N Rele" 

Ami N Rele - Kunle 

When I first started this blog I set out with a goal of discovering music and sharing their vibes with you. I must admit though I’ve lacked greatly in exploring global music. I’ve loved talking about New Zealand music because of my love of this country, but venturing further afield into other cultures – and I mean cultures outside of the western world – hasn’t taken my interest before now. And let’s be honest, the most cultural I got on this blog was the time I bragged that Poi E was New Zealand’s greatest one hit wonder.

I was recommended to check out a Nigerian singer / songwriter who spent some time in Ghana before moving to his current base in Toronto, Canada, and I was excited at the chance to hear what Kunle sounded like. This would be the perfect chance to explore some more cultural music. I read on his Sound Cloud account that he mixes a few different cultures into his music; he sings in multiple languages and mixes instruments from different lands into one song.  This guy can make music – a great voice, a lot of talent and heaps of positivity. And as I listened to his songs and three things became very apparent.

Firstly, I need to get to Africa, because this music makes my travelling feet get itchy.

Secondly, I need to learn some more languages because I have little idea what Kunle is saying and there are some good feels in his music. 

And thirdly, that Kunle's philosophy that music has no boundaries is one hundred percent correct.  

No matter where you are from music, whether you keep it traditional, venture into the Western World of music, or mix up a couple of different sounds, you shouldn’t put a boundary on music.  You could be like Kunle who makes music to speak to multiple cultures, or more like me who is on a mission to hear music from all areas of the world.

If you’re keen on getting into something a bit different, here’s a few links to Kunle’s work. I recommend him – although he’s still starting out I think he’s going to be an interesting musician to follow.

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