Thursday, 29 March 2012

Here We Go Again

“Oh here we go again
It’s time to tell your friends
That I’m through wasting
Stop complaining
I’m through wasting all my time on you”

Here we go again – Throwing Gravity

After writing nine blog posts and receiving some great feedback from my readers I decided to extend my audience and invested in a Twitter account. You see, I am quite proud of these blogs which I have, so far, managed to upload every week, because every song I muse about means something important to me. I wanted others to discover my blog and perhaps do some musical musings themselves.

When I got my Twitter account (@Renees_Musings) I immediately started to follow all my favourite artists – Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift, Keane, Luger Boa etc. I put up a tweet with a link to my blog and retweeted Luger Boa’s blog post from a few weeks ago. Then I sat on zero followers for a bit until my close friend took pity on me and followed me. My second follower was someone I didn’t know, so I got all excited, until I realised she was using Twitter to promote her “x-rated activities”. I gave myself some more time to up my followers, and a few days later I still only had two ... until I realised the “x-rated” lady was gone and Throwing Gravity were my new follower! After checking they had nothing to do with x-rated activities, I googled them and discovered some sweet new tracks.

Throwing Gravity are a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, and, after a slow start and a few halts in the music industry, have released the album It’s Not The End. They have a cool range of songs including Best Time, Circles and Lost in You, which I think you should check out if you haven’t heard anything from them before. My favourite is Here We Go Again, which is why it is this weeks’ track. It’s a hard hitting song about someone who wastes our time and we have to decide whether or not to sever ties with them. A great message which gets you thinking, cool instrumentals and a grungy voice sells it for me. Throwing Gravity – thank you for following me on Twitter, because I got to hear more great music and share it with my readers.

This story may seem a bit shallow as, in the great scheme of things, having a certain amount of Twitter followers doesn’t matter, and Twitter certainly should not distract or deteriorate from the importance of music. But what I love about this little story is Twitter led me to a new band, and discovering new bands is one of my favourite things. If Twitter is going to promote great music, then I’m all for it.

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