Thursday, 10 May 2012

Everyone's Asleep

“It's how my mind works baby, oh
Set off the fireworks baby, no

Everyone's asleep,
Everyone but me,
And I can't help feel like I'm doing this by myself”

Everyone’s Asleep – Clap Clap Riot

When I thought of writing this week’s blog about New Zealand music, I thought of how I had discovered Luger Boa (detailed in their dedicated February blog). It seems the more shows I attend, the more opening acts I see and want to hear more music from. But here’s the catch: I simply couldn’t decide which opening act should get the honour of being the song of the week. It seemed the more I thought about it the more bands I wanted to put up there. Clap Clap Riot were my first thought (which is why the nabbed the spot) after they opened for the Luger Boa boys at the Titirangi Music Festival in late March. But I wanted to write about Black River Drive and Villainy, both of whom opened for Seether. And once I thought of Black River Drive, I thought, hang on, they also rocked when they opened for Luger Boa in early March. And then I thought, well, I need to at least mention Cairo Knife Fight after they warmed up the crowd for Foo Fighters in Western Springs last year.

While having this argument with myself might not be entirely sane, it did make me realise that within New Zealand we have so many good bands. If four bands can make it that difficult for me to decide who to blog on, we must have an awfully high amount talent – and these are just the bands that I have managed to see live, and the bands with songs on the radio and music videos on YouTube and Four Live. There are so many more bands hidden underground practicing away until they are given the opportunity to perform, whether it be for an international act or on one of New Zealand’s many battle of the band type competitions.  

I have said many times in many blog posts: there is nothing better than a live band who rock, and it makes me so happy our New Zealand bands rock better, harder and louder than overseas acts. During New Zealand Music Month there will be plenty of live shows going on with bands such as these ones. Every city, every town, in fact nearly every suburb seems to have something going on for the month. Check out for a list of gigs and find one for you to rock out to.

As for Clap Clap Riot, they are one wicked band and I definitely recommend checking out all their sweet tracks like Everyone’s Asleep.

Oh, what the heck. Here’s one of my favourite Black River Drive songs.

And here’s a song from Luger Boa, who are so awesome I saw them live twice in the same month. 

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