Thursday, 24 May 2012

Renegade Fighter

“I'm a lover, I'm a winner, I'm a fighter
Gonna set your soul on fire
I'm a lover, I'm a Renegade Fighter
Gonna set your soul on fire”

Renegade Fighter – Zed

If Shihad’s Run is my favourite Kiwi song and Luger Boa are my favourite Kiwi band, then Zed take the spot as my childhood home grown heroes. Forget Shortland Street stars and All Black hotties; Nathan King stole my heart with his charming good looks and sweet smile.

If you aren’t a Kiwi and are wondering who Zed are, you might know Renegade Fighter as the song on the credits to American Pie 2. It also features in New Zealand as the theme song to the current Rebel Sport advertisements, despite it being more than ten years since this song was released. Seems like Zed should be celebrating success ... Or not, because Zed officially split in 2008. When this was announced, it broke my little teenage heart. In a statement from Nathan King, it was said Zed felt their failure to break into the overseas market saw the band members want different things which could not happen when they were still together as Zed.

I feel we should spare a thought for those bands who didn’t quite make it where they think they should have. Shihad hit it big in Europe but failed in the USA. The D4 got a following in Japan, but called it quits not long after. The Bleeders all headed overseas to see where they could go, but only two came back and formed the band The Leeches. It seems as our musicians venture overseas, some of them hit hurdles they cannot overcome. And, in their minds, they will know when it is time to call it quits on the band, no matter how many fans it will upset.

It is still New Zealand Music Month, and it is still a time to celebrate. And so, as we celebrate the artists who are currently creating their place in the music industry, spare a thought for the bands who are no longer with us. Along the way they have influenced our music choices and they have given us songs which will stick with us. Many of them are now in new bands – Nathan King’s latest project is Paper Planes – and maybe these bands will hit it big overseas. But while it is still New Zealand Music Month I encourage you to take the time to reminisce with the Kiwi bands who you grew up with.

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