Sunday, 29 December 2013

Never Be The Same

“And we are not what we seem
So we are all coming clean
All we have are broken dreams with no direction

Why are we always on the run
From the monster we’ve become
Who are we to change the way we used to be
We’ll never be the same again”

Never Be The Same – The Latest Fallout 

It is a few days out from New Years and, amongst the plans for partying and countdowns, are the thoughts of New Year’s resolutions. These are those plans, those goals, those idealisations which you make at the beginning of January because you think a new year will bring a new you. While this is not such a practical thought I do actually believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I think not many people do them quite right. I see them as a chance to revisit who are you and make some changes. I hate goals like losing so much weight or only watching so many hours of YouTube a week, as I would rather see someone changing a mindset then an appearance. 

Over the last few months I have listen to Never Be The Same over and over again trying to figure out exactly what is going on in the song. It was a week or so ago I came to a conclusion over what I thought this song was going on about, and I think it fits perfectly into a New Year’s resolution. Let me break down three of the points.

1.   In the song it seems the narrator going through some kind of change. Change can be good or bad, but mostly it can be scary and something you are never quite sure you should go through with. This song really emphasises the idea there could be very bad consequences if you make a change you were not supposed to do, but you might really need to do that change.

2.       Say you go through with this change. Here’s the thing about change – it is pretty damn permanent. So if you change whether it is good or bad, you have to live with never going back to who you were.

3.       And most importantly, change or no change, you need to understand exactly who you are and be that person. You need to be honest, you need not to run away from who you are and you need to figure out why your dreams are so broken. 

To sum up, these three points are exactly what a New Year’s resolution should be about. If you want to turn a new leaf and make yourself a better or even new person, you should consider what Never Be The Same talks about. You can’t be a new person without being completely honest with who you are and what you need in your life, and you cannot run away from a person you might become. My goal this New Year’s is to follow my advice I have just written because I know perfectly well I do not always practise these points. But I think if I do I can become a better person, and to be a better person must mean you get to lead a better life.

Also, if you New Year’s resolution is to get into more New Zealand bands (great resolution by the way) check out The Latest Fallout. They’re a pop / rock / punk band from Hamilton and Never Be The Same is a single of their debut album set to drop in the first half of 2014. Check out their work below – the Still Into You cover is one of my favourite covers I've heard! 

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