Sunday, 8 December 2013

Something I Need

“And I had the week that came from hell
And yes I know that you can tell
But you're like the net under the ledge
But I go flying off the edge
You go flying off as well
You got something I need
In this world full of people there's one killing me
And if we only die once I wanna die with you”

Something I Need – OneRepublic 

When I reflect about how everything I’ve done in my life, or contemplate what might happen in the future, I only think about in terms of living. It makes sense: you only get one life to live so not only should you make the most of it, you should think about it in “living” as much as you can. We are told to strive for success and challenge ourselves so get the best out of our one chance on earth (as most of us believe we are given).

Upon hearing Something I Need I thought about how clever it was to reverse the thought of only living once. Not only do we only get one chance at our life, we will only die once. There’s an old saying “there are only two things in life which are guaranteed: taxes and dying”. We will inevitably die, and yet death is one of the most common fears amongst us. It’s a hard topic for many to talk about and no one really likes to think about. I like how OneRepublic have kind of grabbed the idea of dying and said what we are often too afraid to talk about: on my deathbed I want you with me. 

I don’t fear dying – I do not believe we should fear something that is eventually guaranteed to happen. But I do fear not living in this wonderful world while I have the opportunity to. Let’s see what music tells us about how we should live our lives. As I write this blog I am alternating between listening to Something I Need and We Own The Night by The Wanted, who say to become a legend we should go to a party which never died and seize the night with our hearts and drinks full. Alanis Morissette recommends to have your heart broken, take risks and swallow life like a jagged little pill until You Learn. Miley Cyrus tells us to keep your head held high and be less concerned about what’s on the other side, because it’s about The Climb. And OneRepublic tells us we should find someone to not only experience life next to but to die next to.
I used music as the example above because I believe music can teach us about subjects which we aren’t always comfortable talking about. The lyrics in Something I Need aren’t pretty – death, alcoholism, a lack of self belief – and writing about it isn’t easy. As always I leave you with the song below, and I encourage you to listen to it again. It’ll make you think and maybe help you understand thoughts of death you struggle with – because it did for me. 

And finally, as you go on with your internet browsing after reading my blog, remember this:
“Do not pity the dead Harry.  Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love.” – Albus Dumbledore.

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