Sunday, 28 December 2014


"Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life
Say yes say yes 'cause I need to know
You say I'll never get your blessing 'til the day I die
Tough luck my friend but the answer's no

Why you gotta be so rude
Don't you know I'm human too
Why you gotta be so rude
I'm gonna marry her anyway"

Rude - Magic!

Since it's radio debut late last year Rude has coped a bit of a hating. It seems not many people want to side with Magic! Rather, people feel it's a bit rude to turn up on daddy's doorstep and demand his daughter. What if the daughter doesn't even want to be married? The video clip tells otherise - daughter goes behind daddy's back and marries mister Magic! lead singer anyway. I've always been on the fence about what side I'm on, sometimes I feel sorry for the guy being told no and sometimes I think daddy is doing best for his daughter. But despite what side I take there is one important lesson here: family comes first.

In my three years of blogging I have only once before touched upon the subject of my family and that was following my Poppa's death in February. I guess it's because my family is just always there and we all just go along our business as we please. We have little drama and mutual respect for what each other does - probably because we are all very different people. We're also completely crazy in the best way possible. But God help you if you insult any of them, because I will hunt you down and hurt you.

My family is on my mind right now because I've just spent my first Christmas away from them. I made the decision in November not to return home to New Zealand for the holiday season - I couldn't justify spending the money to return home for one day and my mum agreed it was sensible not to return (my aunt was amazed I still spent Christmas with the folks well into my early 20's). I still had a great Christmas day, I was adopted by a friend's family for lunch and going to the beach like a true Australian. However it was still weird to be away from home and I was sad opening my gifts from home while being so far away. It's okay though, my family is only a phone call away and I suspect they are secretly jealous of my big adventure.

One day I want to extend my family into a husband and children of my own. Hopefully I will bring home a man my father likes and he won't be rejected when asking for my hand in marriage. Then, I will teach my children that family is number one. You may not talk every week or quite know what your brother does for a job or not listen when mum says buying a scooter is not the most sensible idea but you will be grateful when dad picks you up in the early hours of the morning or when your brother takes you to the cricket or when mum says go have your adventure. Because no matter who else comes into your life, family comes first.

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